Seed Bank

We maintain a seed bank of indigenous/heirloom/desi varieties of vegetables, crops, flowers, and trees, originally collected from a variety of sources and now propagated every year at our Food Forest. We’ve learnt over and over the importance of indigenous seeds when trying to practice organic/natural farming. They are pest-resilient and more adapted to climate fluctuations than the commonly available hybrid seeds.

Available Seeds

– Sponge Gourd / Luffa / Gilki
– Ladies Finger / Bhindi (2 varieties – long, smooth)
– Chilly / mirchi (very small & hot)
– Amaranth (green) / Hari Chaulai
– Amaranth (red) / Laal Chaulai
– Rosella / Ambadi flower (high-yielding variety)
– Brinjal / baingan (green variety)
– Fenugreek / methi
– Safflower / kusum
– Beans (3 varieties) – Balor lambi, balor choti, flat 
– Naurangi daal (yellow variety, 6 month duration)
– Safed Kaunch / White velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens)
– Bauhinia / Kachnar tree (pink flower)
– Gmelina Arborea / Khamar tree
– Chinaberry tree


– Rs 50 per variety (includes shipping charges)
– Minimum order – Rs 200
(Delivery all over India using speed post)

Storing seeds

Make sure you store seeds in a cool, dark and dry place. We prefer reusable plastic containers, sometimes even adding some ash. Happy gardening!